New Audio Engineers Cera Kinetic Isolation Feet

The Audio Engineers Cera Kinetic isolation feet attract attention with their premium material and unique design, and the special particle damping technology provides optimal isolation, thus separating audio components extremely effectively. 

Cera Kinetic isolation feet are capable of effective 3-dimensional, 360 degrees axial and radial damping and ceramic-based particle damping provides more efficient and wide frequency-range vibration absorption than previous solutions. Cera Kinetic isolation feet dampen and absorb the audio devices’ own resonances and vibrations from the environment. 

State-of-the-art materials and technologies 

Cera Kinetic isolation feet are an extremely effective combination of materials and technologies used in space technology and advanced aircraft manufacturing. The outer housing and base of the Cera Kinetic isolation feet is made of non-magnetic, high-quality aluminium-magnesium-silicon alloy and a special high-performance crystalline polymer with ultra-high precision CNC machining.

The aluminium-magnesium-silicon alloy and special high-performance crystalline polymer already have excellent vibration damping characteristics on their own and effectively eliminate undesirable electronic interactions with sensitive audio devices components caused by commonly used magnetizable steels.

Inside the Cera Kinetic isolation feet are special alumínium oxide ceramic particles that have a medium material density, but their hardness according to the Mohs scale is 9, which is close to the Mohs 10 hardness of the diamond. The size and hardness of the ceramic particles in the Cera Kinetic isolation feet have been designed for different vibration characteristics of the base and housing material to provide effective particle damping over a wide frequency range. The free-moving extremely hard ceramic particles of different sizes are more difficult to transmit vibrations than solid (hard or flexible) materials, so vibration absorption is much more efficient and kinetic energy is simply converted to heat.

Cera Kinetic provides non-elastic damping, making it more effective isolation than dampers made of elastomeric materials, as absorbed vibrations are not able to be reflected.

Special assembly

The ultra-high-precision CNC-machined base and housing of the Cera Kinetic isolation feet are assembled using a special high-pressure process, which is held together by the resulting vacuum effect.

With this special assembly process, no additional fasteners are required, so the free-moving aluminium-oxide ceramic grains are capable of a highly effective particle damping effect.

Each Cera Kinetic isolation feet are manufactured in the EU and assembled by hand. 

The Cera Kinetic isolation feet are available in sets of 3 and 4 for 319 € and 399 €.