New Boulder Amplifiers 812 DAC

Boulder Amplifiers writes: "We are very excited to announce the official release of the 812 DAC, preamplifier, headphone amplifier! The 812 is perhaps the highest value product Boulder has ever produced. So many features and functions are made possible by clever circuit design and packaging. As a starting point for your high-performance music reproduction system, it can be used as a DAC, a Balanced Preamplifier, or a Headphone Amplifier. Now you don’t have to choose individual products for these three functions. You can easily fit an 812 into your existing system and configure it as your system changes and grows." 

"Through the worldwide success of the 866, Boulder has expanded the 800 series with the 812 DAC, Preamplifier, headphone amp.

By applying the design philosophy from the 866, and over 35 years of experience designing DAC’s, preamps, and amplifier circuits, you get a device that has precision, top of the line performance. Plus the quality and reliability you would expect from a Boulder product, in a refined package.

The 812 is Boulder’s first headphone amp, and we didn’t hold back. It has a separate sophisticated headphone amplifier circuit, four types of connections, and headphone sensitivity settings within the Boulder Controller app. With 200mw into 8 ohms and 80mw into 600 ohms, the amplifier section in the 812 will drive any headphones or multiple headphones at once. It is a headphone enthusiast’s dream come true.

It can be used just as a preamp, a DAC, a headphone amp or any combination of the three. With all the features and its versatility, the 812 is perhaps the highest value product Boulder has ever produced.

The 812 is something for long-term Boulder fans, headphone enthusiasts, or for someone starting their first Boulder system. We wanted to create something accessible and multifunctional that could fit into any sound system or become the system itself. The 812 accomplishes that."