New Göbel High End Divin Sovereign Subwoofer

Göbel High End writes: "We at Göbel High End are happy to unveil, our new ultra high end subwoofer Divin Sovereign. The exclusive world premiere of our (29.500 Eur) Divin Sovereign subwoofer will be at the Munich High End show 2022, which will take place from 19th - 22nd Mai 2022 in the MOC Munich. We are happy to warmly welcome you in our room E115 Atrium 4.1." 

Shortly after the Munich High End show 2022, we will start to ship out our new Divin Sovereign subwoofers to our world wide distributors and dealers. Where possible, our distributors and dealers will organize small privat events, where our highly esteemed customers can further experience the truly outstanding qualities of our new Divin Sovereign subwoofer in a relaxed atmosphere.

As every single product from Göbel High End, the new Divin Sovereign subwoofer is a product of the finest German engineering, executed with absolute passion in all details and completely produced to the pinnacle of perfection in Germany.

We make all these efforts, so every Göbel High End loudspeaker / subwoofer and every Göbel High End cable have the ultimate benchmark sound quality paired with unconditional reliability and the minimum possible tolerances.

Our goal is to really bring music alive! That is, and always has been the passion behind all our efforts, researches and technologies:

To manufacture real statement products, which bring the ultimate real emotional music experience!"