New Kyron Audio Gaia Music System

Kyron Audio writes: "Gaia is a triumph of audio engineering. Kyron has done what was seemingly impossible... incredible bass without an enclosure. Gaia was designed to give the best possible representation of music which means keeping the original tonal qualities of the recording perfectly. There are no added resonant systems to create more bass. Just the signal and the drivers." 


The Gaia loudspeaker was designed from the outset to embrace the fact that loudspeakers sound better without an enclosure. The Gaia takes this to the extreme, removing the baffle that normally holds the front of the speaker drivers. The result is a pure sound, free from the colours created by these vibrating structures and resonant chambers.


A Gaia system includes two perfectly integrated subwoofers. The special Gaia edition Mercury subwoofer's legs are upgraded to stainless steel for added rigidity and to match the speaker. Further customisations are available to match the look and feel of your Gaia system. The subwoofer only operates at extremely low frequencies and has been optimised to seamlessly integrate with the main speakers, giving you very deep, accurate bass that sounds less like bloat and more like music.


The elegant and stylish control unit hides the advanced electronics responsible for creating next level sound quality and the touch screen and remote control make operation a joy. Music played by your Gaia system enters the control unit via one of the analogue, digital or computer inputs on the rear. From there, the signal is treated with the utmost care as it traverses through advanced filtering where it is optimised before being sent to the amplifiers.


Each Gaia system comes with two Kyron amplifier units, perfectly matched to the loudspeakers. Inside each exquisitely machined enclosure are four mono-block amplifiers, each with its own dedicated power supply and housed in individual shielded sections.


The finest of Italian leathers, real gold or silver highlights, custom paint finishes and so much more. If you can dream it, we will spare no effort to make it a reality. We employ only the very best craftspeople in their fields to deliver the final finishes on our systems. How would you like your Gaia?