New Pathos Acoustics InPoL Legacy Integrated

As Pathos Acoustics Heritage wanted to be a tribute to the work of Gianni Borinato, co-founder of Pathos, a heartfelt recognition to his innovations and his contribution to the world of audiophiles, in the same way InPoL Legacy represents the ideal legacy of Gaetano Zanini, co-founder and owner of Pathos. An ambitious project, the non plus ultra of Pathos technology, which brings to the extreme consequences the listening philosophy developed in 25 years by the company, both in terms of choice of components and absolute performance of this masterpiece.

InPoL Legacy was introduced in Rimini, at Sintonie Italian High End 2022, and more officially in Munich High-End Show.

The quality of InPoL Legacy can be placed between the InPower and the Adrenalin; the power is the maximum possible for an InPoL amplifier, 100W; it is the best integrated amplifier Pathos Acoustics ever made.


  • 100W @8 Ohm in class A 
  • 3 RCA inputs, 3 XLR
  • fully balanced circuitry
  • power supply with dedicated capacitive inductive filter per channel, 2K VA toroidal power transformer (15Kg) lamellar inductance (10Kg)
  • tubes power supply with dedicated toroidal per channel
  • stabilized, filtered (Nichicon capacitors) and dissipated power supplies
  • high quality shielded cabling
  • WBT speaker sockets
  • 2 x ECC803s TungSol and 1 x 6H30 per channel
  • excellent performance on the instrument bench
  • best circuit tested on "human ear" test bench
  • DOUBLE INPOL circuitry
  • no integrated DAC, no pre output, no headphones
"This amplifier could be compared with other amplifiers for the value of 100,000€. The official price is not public yet."