Nagra At Munich High-End Audio Show 2022

Nagra Audio writes: "This time, for our 70th anniversary, we do that in style with a very ambitious system with our REFERENCE ANNIVERSARY Turntable." 

Thank you to our partners : Wilson Audio and their XVX speakers and Watchdogs, Modulum Vibration control plateform and amp stands, Shunyata and Cristal Cables, Qobuz and Roon for the digital solutions. For our 70th anniversary, we re introducing the first ever Nagra album. We wanted to pay a tribute to musicians and high quality sound. It's a double LP 45rpm, 200g, cut at Bernie Grundman Studio and mastered by RenĂ© Laflamme, and also available on double tapes. It gathers unique recordings, with some sounds that were never released, including Buddy Tate, Louis Armstrong, Bill Evans and special tunes recorded by RenĂ© Laflamme himself.  All of them from analog master tapes, so it's a AAA album."