New Albedo Audio AGADIA Speakers

Albedo’s projects philosophy has its roots in a thorough analysis of the two basic problems in the area of sound reproduction: on one side the technological development, and in this specific case, the state-of-the-art required for the design of a loudspeaker system, while on the other side there are the actual user requirements, as high quality sound performance, reliability and practicality of use. 

The Helmholine System

The idea is to remove the unwanted frequency bands from the transmission line response by means of a selective acoustic filtering provided by Helmholtz resonators tuned to the necessary frequencies and quality factor. The most attrac- tive aspect of using series resonators is that, in addition to substantially reducing non-lineari- ties, it contribute to regolarize the acoustic load as seen by the driver since it has an action of redistribution of energy in the sidebands.

This balancing of the load has the main effect of facilitating the working of the woofer; in par- ticular, the diaphragm excursion in the areas of higher solicitations turns out to be quite reduced if compared, for example, with a bass-reflex of analogous characteristics.

The DSD system

Playing music, edges of speaker cabinet become new virtual sources of sound with different phases with respect to the direct main emission. The superposition of the refracted components, in phase or not, with the direct emission, pro- duces a number of modifications of the global emission given by the cancellations and reinfor- cements which gradually occur in frequency. So, it is a serious problem. The idea is to weaken the wave energy in the pathway between the source and the edge of the panel and have a diffraction the most modest possible. To do this we resort to an original and unprecedented application of the absorption power of micro-perforated panels. It is a variant of the classic Helmholtz resonator, in which the masses of the various acoustic holes oscillate on a single back volume, filled with absorbing material. At the resonance frequency, the system captures the sound wave and disperses into heat. The technique of perfo- rated panels has long been used in the control of room acoustics, of concert halls and cinemas, but has never been used for such an application, not only so special, but so critical for operation and calibration.