New ALSYVOX Raffaello Speakers

ALSYVOX  writes: "We introduce a new full range loudspeaker using our exclusive ALSYVOX high efficiency ribbon planar technology." 


• Raffaello is using a wider and more efficient line source supertweeter in the center, flanked by two Midtweeters and by two Woofers.

• The symmetrical pattern allows better room interaction with more predictable reflections, providing an even more spatial image precision.

• Double ribbons and ribbon-planars allow higher dynamics and efficiency up to 98dB.

• Max 1.5dB adjustments for each way is available in the crossover without switches, max 7 steps for midrange.

• Huge external crossovers using Omega Audio Concepts patented design (Italian Patent) and huge Duelund, Jantzen and Mundorf components.

• Very high quality umbilical cables series MICRO by Omega Audio Concepts


  • Height 203cm 
  • Width 85cm 
  • Thickness 5cm 
  • Weight excl crossover 180Kg 
  • Woofer surface 8400cm2 
  • Line source height 168cm
  • MidTweeter width 2x 2.5cm
  • SuperTweeter width 0.9cm
  • Crossover frequencies 750/4500Hz
  • Impedance nominal 4 Ohm 
  • Impedance min* 3-3.7 Ohm  (according to crossover selected outputs)
  • Frequency resp. 20@-6dB 25-40000Hz