New HOUCHMAND Luxury Audio System


HOUCHMAND writes: "Audio meets aesthetics. The HOUCHMAND audio system consists of one Monobloc player and two active Speakers. A harmonized system that breaks with everything you've heard so far. The design? Pure. The quality? Outstanding. The audio experience? Exceptional."

The system

Two speakers that seamlessly match their design and acoustic performance to your interior. Selected piano lacquer colors combined with gold or platinum finishes make the HOUCHMAND speaker a work of art in your home ambience. A detailed and three-dimensional sound stage is achieved by using a special coaxial construction for the midrange-driver and tweeter. The integrated room compensation EQ allows an acoustic adaptation to your individual living space.

The Monobloc

For maximum flexibility, the HOUCHMAND Monobloc player combines the latest digital streaming services with inputs and outputs for your other sources. It connects to the HOUCHMAND speakers via Purity Path Technology - wired or wireless. In addition to an elegant remote control, HOUCHMAND has developed an easy to use app (iOS® and Android®) which allows you to select all inputs and outputs, use the most popular streaming services, and browse your music collection. The HOUCHMAND Monobloc player supports music streaming through Spotify®, TIDAL®, Qobuz® and Deezer®.

Purity Patch Technology

At HOUCHMAND, we believe that music should evoke the same authentic, genuine and untouched emotions in your home as it did when the music was created by the artists.

That's why we developed the Purity Path Technology, which combines our high end audio components with a linear phase, a constant group delay and low jitter values.

The Inner Magic

An authentic music experience is only possible with the full control of each individual chassis. Consequently, at HOUCHMAND each chassis is driven by its own audiophile-grade amplifier. To make listening to music an exceptional experience in your home, we have integrated a room compensation EQ into the Purity Path Technology. This room compensation EQ is implemented without an external service in the signal path.

The acoustic measurements and the room compensation EQ service are provided by us or a local acoustics expert.


Founder and sound visionary Marco Houchmand, son of a ceramist and an acoustic engineer, grew up in an environment that encouraged creativity and technical interest. As a music lover he is fascinated by how music can be experienced at home with the same intensity as in the concert hall.

In 2014, the idea was born to develop an integrated high end wireless and wired audio system. Today, this idea has become a reality that can be experienced with all the senses.

Premiere at HIGH END Munich

  • May 19 to 22, 2022, Hall 2 J14/1, Start-Up Area