New Marten And Jorma Products And Munich 2022 Premieres

Once again, we are delighted to be showing at the greatest international high end show, back in Germany after a two year hiatus. This year we are bringing Marten and Jorma together in one room. Jorma will have the world premiere of Jorma Power Filter Reference which marks a natural progression in our product range. For Marten, we are proud to show Mingus Quintet 2, which is another world premiere that many keen audiophiles have been waiting for. We will also show the ever-popular Parker series in the same room. In other collaborator rooms, you will have the opportunity to see Mingus Orchestra, Parker Trio and Jorma in combination with their products. We look forward to seeing many of you again." 


  • Atrium 4.1, room F119
  • Featuring Jorma Power Filter Reference, Mingus Quintet 2 and Parker series.
  • MSB Select DAC
  • MSB Monoblock M500
  • Jorma Statement
  • Room acoustics SMT


Atrium 4.2, room F219 Featuring Mingus Orchestra.


Atrium 4.1, room E126

Featuring Parker Trio Diamond Edition with Jorma cables.


Atrium 4.2 room F210 Featuring Parker Trio.


Jorma has built its reputation for dependable shielding in the cable sector for over two decades and now we are launching our first power filter. For us, this is the next step in protecting high end systems. At Munich, we will show Jorma Power Filter Reference for the first time.

In the home, mains electricity can be subject to distortion from domestic appliances, local industry and even your neighbours. Jorma Power Filter Reference cleans up your supply, removing noise and direct current to protect your hifi system.

Without this, sound can be harsh, boomy and inconsistent. Jorma Power Filter Reference eliminates unwanted frequencies, leaving an audio signal with clarity and fidelity. Three separate filtered zones allow your entire system to be shielded from mains irregularities and interference between mutual hifi components.

A mains supply free from distortion and surges means more faithful music reproduction. Music is smoother, more pleasant and closer to the original studio recording.


• DC-blocker to prevent boomy bass • High frequency ripple cancellation • Mutual interference cancellation

• High-end printed circuit boards

• Mundorf air wound copper coils

• High current Schottky diodes

• Ultra wide frequency band filtering • Heavy- weight construction


We’re exceptionally happy to be able to show Mingus Quintet 2 to the world stage - building on the successes of our Mingus series, it’s a pleasure to premiere this at High End Munich.

Mingus Quintet 2 has five drivers, including a pure diamond tweeter, pure ceramic mid-range and aluminium sandwich bass domes. We’ve also improved the first order crossover for a more open, clean and dynamic sound.

Resonance control is greatly improved with superior materials, such as an advanced mat for extreme damping. Stability is further increased by the solid wood tops and bottoms, available in Zebrano, Walnut and Oak.

Marten Isolators reduce resonance by separating the cabinet from the supporting surface. And with 4 levels of bass control, Mingus Quintet 2 is easy to place in most rooms.

Mingus Quintet 2 can be upgraded to Statement Edition featuring Jorma Statement internal wiring and better quality components.


• New for 2022

• Mingus Quintet 2 — €62,400

• MQ2 Statement Edition — €72,900

• 3-way bass reflex

• 1x diamond tweeter / 1x ceramic mid-range / 3x aluminium sandwich bass

• First order crossover

• Jorma internal wiring

• Mirror polished stainless steel with Marten Isolators

• Solid wood tops and bottoms: Zebrano, Walnut and Oak

• Advanced mat for damping of cabinet • 4 level bass control


Our Parker series was released at a time when international shows were being cancelled. Even despite the lack of exposure, there hasn’t been a lack of interest; with the Parker series performing exceptionally well as a product range and subsequently in the market.

Now we are ready to bring the entire series to the global stage and give them the presentation they deserve.

We will be showing Parker Quintet, Parker Trio and Parker Duo in our room at High End Munich 2022.


• Parker Quintet — from €28,500 • Parker Trio — from €19,300

• Parker Duo — from €10,500

• Bespoke drivers

• 2.5-way (PQ/PT) / 2-way (PD)

• Multi-diverse crossover technique

• Passive radiators

• Jorma internal wiring

• Mirror polished stainless steel with Marten Isolators

• Upgradeable to Diamond Edition