New Verity Audio INT-100 Integrated Amplifier

The Verity Audio INT-100 is an ultra-high quality integrated amplifier designed for the most critical music lover. It inherits the best technologies of our state-of-the-art Monsalvat electronics. The Verity INT-100 combines in one single chassis the qualities of our Verity AMP-100 along with a reference quality analog pre- amplifier. 

An optional phono stage accepting both moving-mag- net and moving-coil phono cartridges is available, as well as a high-quality DAC module. These can be added at the time of purchase or easily added later. 

The amplifier section of the Verity INT-100 displays real authority through dynamic power delivery capabilities. Just like the Verity AMP-100, the Verity INT-100 brings a unique blend of dynamics and fluidity as only experienced in a live performance. The pream- plification section of the INT-100 is pure analog where the Verity PRE-2 and PRO-X are digital.

Our team strived to keep things simple, but perfect, starting with an oversized power supply of a type you would normally find in much larger and far more powerful amplifiers. This potent power supply pushes the dynamics of the new INT-100 amplifier beyond anything you’ve heard before. 

The same attention has been put in the INT-100 optional phono stage. It has been designed to offer the best dynamic and fluidity you can get from your LPs. All the cartridge adjustments can be selected from the front panel display of the INT-100. The Verity INT-100 phono stage offers all the necessary adjustments for both types of cartridges. The gain of the Verity INT-100 phono stage is fully adjustable from +36 dB to +60 dB.

The entire unit is built using only the highest-quality parts available, and our engineers have paid special attention to circuit topology and PCB design. Although a two-layer PCB would have sufficed, Verity opted for a four-layer model that includes special shielding and grounding circuitry, which greatly improves the amplifier’s signal-to-noise ratio. Thicker PCB traces are used and cables are kept to the bare minimum length.

A special attention has been paid to the vibrational behavior of the INT-100 to avoid even the smallest microphonic effect. The Verity INT-100 chassis is made of an assemblage of thick panels milled from solid aluminum billets. The same vibration isolation platform used on our Monsalvat series of electronics is optionally available to further enhance the vibrational control of the unit.

Beyond just a high-end integrated amplifier, the INT-100 is a shining gem befitting Verity’s highest standard of quality and craftsmanship. It exemplifies Verity’s know-how and joins the Verity family of products as a reference in a league of its own. 



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