New Wolf Von Langa Stage speakers

New Wolf Von Langa Stage speakers. "We would like to offer you a new small, handy format - a desideratum that will fulfill your desires, the fulfillment of which you may have previously thought impossible. The advantages of the WVL midbass, once heard, are hard to forget. The seamless interaction with the WVL Jet tweeter is a true musical experience. Impeccably accurate imaging and soundstage. Full-range sound, spot-on timbre, airy highs with fast and tight bass - you have never heard anything like it." 

Wolf Von Langa will be at the High-End Audio Show in three different locations:

  • Atrium 4.2, Booth F231c - WVL 12639 SON, WVL Serendipity
  • Atrium 4.2, Booth - F231f WVL Stage 
  • Hall 4, Booth U02 - WVL STAGE