New Audio Engineers Forcefield Power Cord Series

The Audio Engineers Forcefield, Forcefield 3D & Forcefield 4D power cords are specially designed for high-end audio and video systems and is based on Audio Engineers’ Magnetic Vortex-field Technology. They have many sophisticated construction details that counteract the negative environmental effects. 

Forcefield Magnetic Vortex-field Technology

Each Forcefield power cord connector includes a special magnetic unit that can effectively suppress the negative effects of electromagnetic fields that form around the wires. The strong magnetic units compensate for differences in the electromagnetic fields and dampen voltage spikes.

The electrical signal can be strongly affected by the magnetic fields around the conductor. This is also shown by experiments in which electricity / plasma is attracted or repelled by magnetic fields. Forcefield Magnetic Vortex-field Technology uses this physical property to provide a cleaner and more even current / signal in the conductors. Magnetic Vortex-field Technology uses multi-polar neodymium magnetic units to keep the electrical current flow more evenly aligned and minimize the random movement of electrons within and along the conductor. Magnetic units placed in the connectors of the Forcefield power cords can provide more even electron flow, where resistance and loss can be greatest.


The Forcefield power cords have a full separate Balanced twin-core, quad-core and twin quad-core structure conductors, 11, 6 or 5 AWG full total conductive cross-section vortex inner conductors structure. The appearance of the Forcefield 3D and 4D model has the newest 3D and 4D braid structure, which ensures transverse positioning, thereby minimizing the inductive and capacitive effects of the parallel construction of the conductors, which can negatively affect the alternating current phase accuracy.

Each multicore wire is placed in a special polymerized siloxane insulating tube, that has a lower dielectric constant than the commonly used insulations and optimally dampens environmental vibrations. 

The latest development Nano Holographic Helix outer layer not only provides a special and unique appearance to the Forcefield power cords, but special metallised polymer film with 500-nanometer-thick precious metal-alloy layers prevents radio frequencies and electromagnetic interference from entering the cable inner structure. Similar metallised polymer films are used in NASA spacesuits to reflect radiation and it has been applied as an antistatic layer for insulating materials in aircraft.

The fields generated by the current in the pure copper conductors are effectively attenuated by the vortex structure, while the Nano Holographic Helix layer is responsible for external electromagnetic and radio frequency noise protection.


The Forcefield models received high-quality, hand-selected aluminum alloy connector housing with pure copper contacts. The rhodium-silver coating on the outside of the contacts provides a proper connection that has measurably better electrical parameters, than for example gold-plating, and is more resistant to environmental impacts.


Made of a solid block the aluminum-alloy connector housings effectively dampen EMI / RFI effects from the environment and protect the environment from built-in magnetic vortex units thus, their magnetic field only affects the internal conductors of the cable.

Made by hand

Each Forcefield power cord is assembled entirely by hand, from the design of the vortex structure to the solder-free installation of the plugs. Each Forcelfied power cord is made with high precision and attention to detail, so it takes approximately 24 hours to complete a Forcefield power cord, including the final tests.

The starting price of the Forcefield series power cords in Europe is € 999.