New Goldmund Pulp Speakers

Designed as a modern art object, Goldmund Pulp unfolds like a sound punctuation. The special feature of its refined cylinders is the pivoting textile part that hides all the technical elements. This system offers a 360° readable object that can be placed anywhere in the space. For the purists, the textile can be rotated to offer direct listening.

A concentration of Goldmund's know-how, Pulp is composed of the Telos amplifier and the latest digital inputs and wireless audio streams (Bluetooth aptX and WiSA). As an accessory, Pulp is also equipped with a HUB for WiSA multi-channel connectivity. This small, technologically advanced speaker will appeal to a whole new, more connected audience.

Goldmund, with over 40 years of know-how and innovation, continues to grow while marking its time by creating unique collector's items.


Founded in 1978, Goldmund manufactures ultra-high-end home audio equipment in Geneva, Switzerland. The company has established an outstanding reputation with mythical products such as the Apologue speakers displayed at MoMA in 1988 for their exquisite contemporary design. Goldmund’s objective is to transform music records into a concert-like experience. Play each track faithfully to the original record as intended by the artist and play it with no added effects or distortion.