New HiFi-Tuning Diamond Fuse

HiFi-Tuning is planning a new reference project for 2023, a diamond fuse. "Yes, you heard right, it will be a brand new fuse that will again be the new reference above our Supreme³ premium fuses." 

The most important features / key points at a glance

  • A real diamond of the best quality is incorporated into the fuse.
  • A higher percentage of 5% fine gold in the fuse element and caps.
  • The fuse is given a gold-colored ceramic body.

"Why do we incorporate a diamond into a fuse?

It has now been proven many times and is undisputed that gemstones have a positive effect on us, humans, due to their very high natural vibrations.

This is generally known and undisputed, especially in medicine and quantum physics.

After conducting acoustic listening tests with various gemstones and minerals such as emerald, ruby, diamond, and some other minerals, we could hear the diamond as the gemstone that - properly integrated - reproduced the sound much more powerful, clear, and dynamic.

For this reason, we decided to develop a new "reference fuse" in which we will use only the highest quality and specially selected diamonds.

You can look forward to a new dimension of listening.

And last but not least, if a Supreme³ Diamond Fuse fails, we will offer you a €100 discount on a new purchase if you return the defective fuse."