New LessLoss Power Distributor

LessLoss writes: "Featuring industry unique C-MARC™ Entropic Process internal wiring throughout, as well as our multiple award-winning most advanced Firewall current conditioning technology in double configuration, the (4380 USD) LessLoss hand-built power distributor provides the core foundation to any sound system's ultimate performance. All internal parts are tightly fit by clear, slow-curing epoxy resin which results in the widest, clearest soundstage as micro-vibrations are avoided at all physical contact points." 

This also guarantees that even decades from date of manufacture, all physical traits are maintained even as the natural hardwood ages. Highly recommended for installation are three Bindbreaker equipment feet, sold separately.

The LessLoss logo is laser etched onto both sides of the unit.

Power Distributor Features

  • Hardwood construction, hand sanded and beautifully lacquered
  • 6 high performance gold plated copper outlets, no nickel substrate
  • High performance power inlet, gold plated copper, no nickel substrate
  • C-MARC™ 4.6mm2 Entropic Process internal wiring
  • Available with US/Japan/China or European Schuko outlets
  • US/Japan/China version features Panzerholz outlet frames with carbon fiber faceplates
  • Slow curing clear epoxy at all physical internal contact points
  • Dimensions: 31 x 16 x 16 cm


  • The ultimate power we can produce: you won't believe how luscious and dense the tonality becomes.
  • No hint of ‘digititis’: so smooth you'd swear everything is analogue.
  • Relaxed, fluid and natural sound: and yet a grand piano remains heavy and solid as can be as the music flies off from it.
  • Enormous soundstage: half the music is instrument born, the other half is how it plays with the hall -- and it completes the picture for that "YOU ARE REALLY THERE" experience!
  • Musical, engaging, controlled bass with surprising authority and ease: seems to defy physics with speakers of modest size.
  • Crystal clear dynamic ‘punch’: the stability and density of the sound from a device of these dimensions is mind-boggling!
  • Dark, silent backdrop upon which 3D realism springs to life: and the tonality is so balanced it just feels "right" and engages you even more!
  • Holographic imaging: every recording tells a different (and equally believable) story!

The US/Japan version features hand waxed Panzerholz frames and carbon fiber faceplates.

The US/Japan version has six power outlets. The outlets are Oyaide R-0 duplex units with copper contacts from Japan.

The European Schuko version comes in the 6 outlet version. For a limited time, and for an additional fee, upon special request, an 8 outlet version can be made with the same external dimensions.

The European Schuko version features Furutech FI-E30 Gold sockets, mated with the hardwood enclosure via clear, slow-curing epoxy resin.

The high performance gold plated copper power inlet is positioned on the side of the unit. The copper is 20x thicker than usual inlets on the internal side.

Multitudinous bolts ensure extremely tight fit of all mating surfaces.

Hardwood enclosure with Panzerholz power outlet frames (US/Japan model) for instantaneous absorption of micro-vibrations.

Hand assembly and care go into each unit. The unit can be placed on its side without compromise to sonic performance.

The LessLoss insignia is laser etched on both sides of the unit near the bottom.

The bottom of the unit features a flat hardwood surface with multitudinous recessed bolts for an extremely tight fit. It is highly recommended to place the distributor on three Bindbreaker equipment feet, sold separately.

Placing the Distributor onto three Bindbreaker feet will clearly and most obviously enhance its performance as the holographic effect is even cleaner and the bass dynamics even faster.

Also most highly recommended is to power the entire distributor with a C-MARC™ Entropic Process Power Cable.

Inside the distributor is our award-winning Firewall 640x signal conditioning technology in a special implementation.

The copper bars which have all undergone the Entropic Process are longer than usual, such that two Firewalls can fit lengthwise across each single copper bar. The result is seemingly better than double the performance!

The internal wiring is absolutely incredible. C-MARC™ technology is used throughout. The Entropic Process is implemented throughout. We use 4.6mm^2 conductive cross section leads within. 

LessLoss Power Distributor: 4380 USD

C-MARC™ Entropic Process power cable: 1934 USD

Three Bindbreaker equipment feet: 672 USD


Total: 6986 USD