New Lucxar Universal Turntable

Lucxar writes: "At Lucxar we are proud and happy to announce the new Lucxar “Universal” model. After many months of study and search for the best materials, we have managed to make an exclusive design turntable using one of the best materials available on the market, "Krion". Krion® is a new generation Solid Surface developed by Krion Porcelanosa Group."

"We achieve minimal resonance, high mass and antistatic properties. Three fundamental properties for the perfect sound of a superior reference level turntable. In addition to these qualities, it is very resistant to compression, temperature changes and impact, which makes it a perfect material for our turntables.

The new exclusive Universal design has accommodation for 2 reading arms and one cleaning arm.

There are different Krion finishes and the metallic pieces can be chosen in shiny Nickel or Gold finish. Platter suspended in the air by magnetic levitation. Second generation motor, very quiet and stable. The first units are already on their way to the Asian market.”