New NVO SPA-One SE Phono Preamplifier

NVO’s new SPA-ONE-SE 2022 model phono preamplifier. It now has some updated features that improve how quiet a tube-based phono stage can be and it also improves the bass definition and impact. (among other things). The tube complement has gone from 13 tubs to 14 tubes! 

2022 version

  • Gain MC: 60dB
  • Gain MM: 45dB
  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 200kHz within 0.5dB of RIAA curve
  • Total harmonic distortion: less than 0.05% in MC mode, less than 0.005% in MM mode
  • Signal to noise ratio: better than -62db @ 0.3mV MC input, better than -80db @ 2mV MM input
  • Minimum recommended input for MC: 0.2mV
  • Low output impedance of around 8-10 Ω (around 10 times lower than previous model)
  • Input load:  MC / 1000 ohms (user adjustable), MM/  47000 ohms


  • New designed pcb for on/off operation
  • New White cathode follower output (is the same as in the SPA-2 SE)
  • Has a second 12AU7 added to the output circuit from previous SPA-One SE units) 
  • Improved circuit and star earthling scheme
  • Top performance components in critical signal path
  • Ultra pure 7N solid copper internal wiring
  • Isolated PCB from chassis to prevent tube microphonics
  • Custom-made toroidal transformer in PSU
  • Internally damped enclosure panels
  • 14 tubes total & Mundorf capacitors
  • Selected special or NOS tubes in signal path (on request)