New Russell K. RED 120Se Speakers

1st production of brand new Russell K. RED 120Se. "How to improve the RED 120 a speaker already heralded as “sounding fast, controlled and natural”? Enter the ‘Designed and manufactured in England’ RED 120Se which succeeds in raising the performance of the RED 120 to an even higher level." 


The new 120Se shows exemplary coherence and delivers even more true-to-life dynamic nuance and detail.  It’s vivid and highly engaging and because it delivers more micro-detail you hear the true relationship between musical events and their time-base. 

But simply forget about detail, dynamics, bass, sound-staging, speed and accuracy and just own a speaker that plays music and does it brilliantly!

The Journey

Following the success of the 150Se Russell has spent a year developing an Se version of the RED 120, originally launched in 2018.  

So what’s new?

New upgraded tweeter with metal faceplate

The new tweeter may look similar to the standard RED 120 HF unit however this is a far higher quality device with much superior build and sound quality. There is a sense of more detail in the music without sounding brighter but the biggest benefit is the ability to play complex music and difficult recordings without sounding harsh or fatiguing. 

New tweeter crossover design

The new tweeter has a higher output so an adjustment was necessary to the shape of the response curve to match the output of the bass/mid driver. At the same time, this gave an opportunity to fine-tune the speaker to sound even more realistic. All without changing the excellent phase response so important for music to time well.

New sub-bass coil

A modified coil with a greater value.  The result is a speaker that is both easier to place in the listening room as well as enhancing the tuneful bass reproduction.

New plinth and spikes

The interface between the floor of the listening room and the cabinet of a loudspeaker is critical to its real-world performance.  Especially with so many variations in floor finish – from wood to carpet to concrete and everything in between.  Modification of the standard 120 plinth by adding a perspex insert improves both looks and performance.