Whammerdyne Heavy Industries DGA-1 Ultra Model

Whammerdyne Heavy Industries writes: "The all new special built output transformers (By Monolith Magnetics) for the DGA-1 “Ultra” model. These measure very very well." 

We are discontinuing the base model DGA-1 amplifier and now will only build the “Ultra’ Model at $ 6,000 (The other models that stay in the line up are the DAM-2 Monoblock’s and the Circuit Salad Hybrid)." 

Pictured you see some prototype DC filament supplies both regulated and of current and voltage design. They are all proprietary and we are doing listening performance evaluations on each we can “live” switch the four designs while listening to the amplifier. Our next test evaluation session will be blind with 4 of us listening and remote control switching between the supplies and recording our listening panel results, this folks is a true bind listening test and we will never know what supply is in and switched to at any time. We then will tally the results from the sessions and see what supply sounded the best.

This has never been done before ever anywhere live switching and blind listening panel. The chosen supply will be the ones incorporated into all future Whamm models and of course the “Ultra” DGA-1 model."