DAD Blue Cat Story

The story and the insights about the DAD (Danish Audio Design) Blue Cat high-end audio brand from Denmark. 

Close your eyes and feel the blue cat

"Why is high-end audio too expensive? Even when I calculated employee salaries, buildings, brand value, etc... I still could not add it up. That's why I started Danish Audio Design Int. Music should be less about money and more about feelings, emotions, joy, pain, and dance... are about."  - Jan Harbo Jakobsen

The birth of the current product series

When you live in a place with limited space, that's no excuse not to think big - and build big. The Grail came first, equipped with 12 Air Motion Transformers, 12 Nomex midrange drivers, and 8 11-inch woofers. It was an excellent speaker that received good reviews, but Mr. Jakobsen wanted more...

Before continuing the loudspeaker story this was thought up on the amplifier side. From the same small house came to life the "Only One" amplifier weighing well over 400 kg. Big speakers demand POWER!

Bitten Jakobsen next to the "The Only One"

Small versions of amplifiers followed, such as "The Little". When DAD says small, this translates to some 100+ kgs. "And no, it's not just the perfectly Danish-made aluminum and copper that drive the weight up. There are also extremely well-built custom transformers and huge capacitor banks. Add to that brilliant technology. Cooling plates that are made from one piece, instead of additional cooling profiles." This way of not taking shortcuts is still what pushes Danish Audio Design International forward and what the DAD team feel sets them apart from the crowd; doing the real deal.

The DAD 75 Integrated. 2 x 400 W into 8 ohms and a capacitor bank of almost 2,000,000 µF was envisioned to be technically up to date with streaming built-in and the ability to easily drive speakers up to 2 ohms! "Now you can imagine what power we are talking about with the larger amplifiers."

"The parts we use are not random either. You'll find the same kind of parts in high-speed trains and ships and really anywhere that requires the best of the best. But not exactly in high-end audio. Too expensive, too good!? No. It takes out of a box approach and the extra effort." 

Jan Jakobsen sees himself as the fish in blue

The history of Loudspeaker in a nutshell

After the Grail, the HUGE "Future" was made. It was shown at an exhibition in Shanghai and attracted a lot of people. At the same exhibition, the "Little Big" amplifier was voted the best sound of the exhibition.

The Little Big

The Future and "The Only One" are built in an 85 m2 cottage prepared for the Shanghai exhibition - why not ...: ). Then we developed the Pearl series, which was presented to the world at Munich High-End 2019. 

Proudly introducing the "Diamond" and "Star" series of speakers

Loudspeakers are always evolving. We have achieved a lot since the beginning. The "Pearl Series" followed in 2018 as, shall we say, a less space-consuming series, but still equipped with the best drivers and components that technology has to offer. 

"Blue Diamond" at customer

Now we have gone even further and introduced the first true high-end 21" woofer; not PA, but made for real homes. 

It also comes in a 15" version, like the Red Diamond below, if you think 21" is too big for the listening room:

Green Diamond is the smallest speaker in the series with a 9½" woofer:

What they have in common is a perfectly balanced and dynamic sound that brings us very close to reality - as close as is possible with today's technology. 

The DAD chain complete - with no weak links

Preamplifiers and the huge 65 kg CD drive are now also part of the DAD portfolio of extreme high-end products. The tower of the CD drive alone weighs 20 kg. 

So who is behind all this

"Well, let us just say a bunch of crazy people! It's no secret that Jan Jakobsen stands out from the crowd. His wife Bitten (called the Queen) puts up with him and even runs Danish Audio Design International alongside him. Steffen Zacher Nielsen is definitely not normal. He designs amplifiers, DACs, and preamps with more capacity than any power amplifier currently known. He is supported by the new man on the team, Ricky Schultz. He's normal, but we are working on it. Torben Mikkelsen, with a background at Scan-Speak, Peerless, Vifa, and more, has been in loudspeaker design for more than 30 years - who would do that; get a life! Steve French & Alexander Schmidt are in charge of sales. Bitten Jakobsen designed the brand logo; the Blue Cat, and the new trapez shaped loudspeaker series. 

Torben invented the term "Psycho Acoustic" a few years ago relating to the analogy of a wet towel on the radiator or a strangely shaped object expecting to dramatically change the sound more than if you design the speakers right from the start. We do not work that way, we do it the best way possible with what the blessed technology has to offer today."

Torben playing around with networks

Steffen trying out new things on the power amp "The One"