Gold Note New Factory Tour

A 180+ photo series of the new Gold Note factory in Tuscany, Italy. The impressive new factory site is carbon-free, features a gallery, pool, spacious warehouse, clean and large workrooms, various meeting rooms, dedicated listening/testing rooms, huge R & D office, a gym, lunch area, fully software-based workflow, etc. 

Interestingly, each product is assembled by one person alone. The journey of the new product starts with an order, where all the parts needed for assembly are gathered and placed on a single cart, which is then delivered to the workbench, where each product is not only assembled by hand by one employee, but also tested directly and numerous times after completion. 

Everything production-wise is already prepared and secured with the software for automatic selection and delivery of individual parts for a particular order, which will soon be put into practice as a fully automated process. 

The manufacture of Gold Note is located in the heart of Tuscany, where the rich heritage of craftsmanship can be seen at every turn and Gold Note intimatly reflects the centuries old one-of-the-kind heritage.

It's great to see passionate people doing what they love in a modern, clean, eco-friendly, optimized and friendly working environment, expertly managed by a highly skilled team led by Maurizio Aterini.

I do not think a high-end audio manufacturer could have a better 10th anniversary celebration and forward-looking direction. 

In the photos, you can see the brand new Gold Note PH -5 phono preamplifier and Mediterraneo X turntable.