Kyron Audio GAIA - Evolution Speakers

Kyron Audio writes: "Kyron GAIA - Evolution. The next chapter begins, 10 years after the original Gaia was launched. Simply the best sound available at home." 


The Gaia loudspeaker was designed from the outset to embrace the fact that loudspeakers sound better without an enclosure. The Gaia takes this to the extreme, removing the baffle that normally holds the front of the speaker drivers. The result is a pure sound, free from the colours created by these vibrating structures and resonant chambers.

  • 6× 12" long throw dipole woofers
  • 2× 7" low distortion midwoofer
  • patented sd-3 symmetrical drive motor system
  • 2× 1" ring dome tweeter
  • patented sd-2 symmetrical drive motor system
  • proprietary waveguide design