New EMT Tonearms

EMT launches brand new tonearm product lines. The EMT 909- HI (EUR 5,400 ) and (EUR 6,600) EMT 912- HI are the high-end audio version of tonearms. The 909/912 12-inch and the 9-inch models are professional versions of tonearms manufactured for Tondose. The tonearms will be available to the public in October 2022.  

New EMT tonearm technology

The legendary EMT tonearms 929 and 997 (Banana) have been manufactured for decades and remained unchanged until the production was discontinued in 2018. Since then, the EMT team has been working on the design of a tonearm series with advanced technology, and we are glad to introduce this amazing product to the public in 2022.

We are particularly proud on the fact that we were able to combine most modern bearing- and manufacturing-technology with the traditional EMT design. Thus, the sound properties are im- proved significantly, while at the same time the long history of this product-line is respected.

The new tonearms are available as 9 inch and 12 inch version. They come either with fixed headshell (HI version) or with EMT connection for the Tondose.

All tonearm models feature a magnetic anti- skating device and a ring for VTA adjustment. A tonearm-lift is included with the product and can be removed if the tonearm is used on old EMT turntables with built-in lifting de- vice. The tracking geometry was optimized according to the latest knowledge, but all mounting properties remain unchanged.

For both, horizontal and vertical bearing axis, the EMT tonearms feature a unique ball-bear- ing technology. The highly integrated and rigid mechanism is made of hardened and polished steel parts, combined with custom- ized rubber components. 

This reliable EMT- technology compensates for any geometric deviation along the bearing axis, caused by positional tolerance, tightening torque and environmental influences such as tempera- ture and humidity. Therefore, the bearings re- main free of tension and run with lowest fric- tion values during their entire life cycle.

The counterweight is connected to the arm- tube by two decoupling PTFE bushings. It fea- tures a spring-loaded mechanism to allow backlash-free positioning along the adjust- ment range. An engraved scale can be turned to zero position when the tonearm is in neu- tral balance. This allows precise setting of the vertical tracking force, even if you don’t have a tonearm scale at hand.

Each EMT tonearm consist of 150 individual parts. All structure parts are machined from solid material in highest precision. We use stainless steel for the base-parts and alumin- ium-alloy for all movable parts. A specific al- loy called “German silver” is used for all parts that are exposed to mechanical abrasion, such as the rear shaft or the connection for the Tondose.

We have invested into elaborate tooling to lift the preciseness of machining and assem- bling the arm-tube-components to a new level.

So, without false modesty, we can claim to of- fer the most precise tonearms with curved arm-tubes available on the world market.

Hi-end Tonearms 909/912-HI

Professional Tonearms 909/912 for Tondose