New Genesis Prime+ Flagship Speakers

Genesis Advanced Technologies is ready for Pacific Audio Fest, unveiling the latest version of Genesis' flagship, the Prime+, a four-tower, line-source dipole loudspeaker. Three cassette decks, two turntables with 3 tonearms! VPI Industries Merrill Audio Advanced Technology Labs, LLC. The Wand, Goldenberg, and Hyper Analogue. 

Featuring two Studer A810 decks, one will be used for playing 30ips studio masters and the other for a 15ips dub copy. The VPI Avenger Direct is equipped with two tonearms: the VPI Fatboy and Transfiguration Proteus cartridge, and The Wand 12-inch master and Goldenberg Maestro cartridge.

The Viola Sonata preamp will handle the switching on some of our A/B comparison sessions.

The latest Merrill MX preamplifier will be the main preamp for the next 3 days.

The Prime+ will be powered by the Merrill 116MX. Not much power is needed for the speakers as the 24 woofers are driven by 12 channels of servo bass amplification.