New Hexamat Molekula Record Clamp

The new Hexamat Molekula Record Clamp weighs only 17 grams and implements, among other things, six transparent spheres with a special coating (7 mm diameter).  


• Weight: 17 gramm
• 6 translucent spheres with special coating (7mm diameter). 
• Molekula is made from the same blended polymer as our 
Hexmat Eclipse product with the best damping coefficient.
• Unlike the other clamps or weights on the market that use a big 
contact surface with the record, the Molekula has only 6 contact 
points to efficiently transfer the torque but dampening the harmful 
resonances and frequencies.
• It can also be used with other mats on the market.
• Thanks to its lightweight it does not affect the operation of the 
turntable, does not overload the bearings or damage the records.


• Relaxed/pleasant sound 
• Improved dynamics 
• Calmer atmosphere 
• Clean transparency