New Solidsteel VL Series Black Series

Solidsteel writes: "Following trends and needs of audiophiles and record enthusiasts, in 2018 Solidsteel launched the acclaimed VL series, achieving great success. Having components and records on the same piece of furniture, with the technical-qualitative characteristics of Solidsteel products – dampening of vibrations, stability, heavy weight sustain, made in Italy quality and design – immediately aroused great feedback among enthusiasts." 

This prompted the company to release a cool all-black version of the beloved VL Series – that suits by experience a wide range of environments and interiors - aiming to become a classic as well as one of the best-selling item off the entire Solidsteel catalogue.

Here are the characteristics, the same as in the walnut-colored version:

  • Up to 120 lp per each dedicated shelf
  • Frame from the S Series
  • Galvanized screws
  • Frame pillars of anodized aluminium filled with phono-absorbing sponge, galvanized and finished with powder coated
  • MDF shelves – 1280x410mm, with a thickness of 22mm finished with high quality polymeric laminates
  • Bottom frame parts made by stainless steel combined to adjustable spikes for a perfect leveling of the structure
  • S Series Pads (protective floor discs) always included
The available standard distances between the shelves are 325 mm between the first and second shelf, and 225 mm for the subsequent shelves:

VL-2: [325]
VL-3: [325/225]
VL-4: [325/225/225]

It is then possible to purchase separately the following kits:

VL Extra Kit 225 [Inner Shelf + 225 mm frame Kit for Audio Components]
VL Extra Kit 325 [Inner Shelf + 325 mm frame Kit for More Records]

For prices and availability contact your trusted AV retailer, download the Solidsteel Retail Catalogue or send an email to