SPEC Corporation releases a new RMP-DAC3EX DAC with a separate power supply. 

"A DAC is a device that reconverts the digital signal into the analog signal. In order to reconvert minute signals into fresh analog, the DAC3 has a separated power supply. The power supply, which is free from the vibration of the transformer and has excellent "musical expressiveness", surely conveys the musicality of the performer.

The wooden panel attached to the bottom is made of the same spruce material as the top plate of a violin. Spruce is a relatively soft material that vibrates with music signals to reproduce a rich tone and energy.

In addition, in DAC3EX, we have adopted a new shape and structure of a LEG. The structure in which HICKORY is embedded in the groove in the center of MAPLE optimally supports the main body chassis.

The ground surface is spherical, and by supporting the whole cabinet with points of hickory, we have created “the structure of the body that plays realistic music". The DAC3 is also built as an instrument.

A digital signal is converted to analog by the DAC device. In this conversion, the noise of the digital signal has an effect on the analog signal. It's small, but it's not zero.RMP-UB1 can minimize the influence of noise in this conversion. It's not a noise filter. By making digital transmission smooth and uninterrupted, the noise level is lowered.

This noise is a dynamic SN that appears when the sound is actually playing, unlike the static SN described in the specifications of audio equipment. This dynamic SN spoils the minute signals in the music, burying the delicate timbre of the instrument.

The Diretta RMP-UB1 greatly lowers the noise floor, so you can feel the timbre that was hidden until then emerges. That's the realistic sound."