Vertere Acoustics Reference Tonearm Third Generation

The third generation of Vertere Acoustics Reference Tonearm brings additional flexibility, ease of use/fine-tuning and,  improved performance. 

Why Reference Tonearm Gen III?

  • The unique vertical and horizontal pivoting motion is provided by non-rotating fine Kevlar fibre. The result is the first truly ‘noiseless’ and stiction-free tonearm bearing.
  • The main counterweight is articulated in the vertical and horizontal planes through precision ball race bearings. To ensure accurate tracking even on warped records.
  • For ideal rigidity, the arm tube & head shell are machined from solid titanium then fuse welded to form a homogenous component.
  • Horizontal & Vertical bearings are offset by 23mm to optimise tracking accuracy and information retrieval.
  • Anti-skate force is applied using microns thick non-resonant, frictionless silicone polymer strip with gradual magnetic componsator.
  • Unique Transit Clamping System allows secure transportation keeping the arm/cartridge safe and perfectly setup. In addition, the UTCS ensures exact performance after shipment and reinstallation. The use of the clamp also assists with mounting the cartridge safely and precisely. 
  • Custom built lift/lower mechanism, precision engineered to ensure smooth, firm & accurate cueing.