Aidas Cartridges AU Mammoth Gold Flagship Cartridge

The top Aidas Cartridges AU ( GOLD ) series uses Mammoth bone. Adamant boron composite cantilever from Namiki is a standard with a 2x damping system.  All AU series ( GOLD ) cartridges have a Micro Ridge stylus and pure 24kt  Gold coils. 

Gold series cartridges are the Top performers in Aidas' cartridges portfolio. Their uniqueness is of different body materials and 24kt pure Gold coils. Gold plated coils do sound very natural and detailed. 

The Aidas Gold PL cartridges come with 2 different bodies: Tru-stone Blue River Agate and Mammoth tusk body. ​​. Tru-stone is a unique beautiful artificial stone consisting of more than 85% actual stone.

The Aidas Mammoth Gold is the newest and the most advanced of Aida's cartridges. The cartridge's body is made with ivory from 21,000-year-old Siberian wooly mammoth tusks.

Mammoth is the best and most unique material Aidas could ever find for his top cartridges. Better than stone, better than exotic wood or metals. 

It has very unique properties, sound-wise. It was even compared to other types of bone/horn ( deer) material and is far superior. It is super strong and damps unwanted vibrations perfectly.

Compared to deer or buffalo horn material Mammoth is denser - no air bubbles and fewer impurities. Purest possible. Rare and expensive. But still obtainable.

Every Mammoth cartridge body is a precision machined piece of art handmade of various parts of Mammoth tusk (pics below). Bodies may have:

- hairline cracks (glued, stabilized and polished);
- color differences;
- dark grooves.

All above is considered distinctive and original aesthetic features of each cartridge and therefore there are no 2 uniform Mammoth cartridge bodies - they are all unique.


  • Body: Mammoth Tusk
  • Cantilever: Namiki / Adamant boron 
  • Stylus:  MicroRidge
  • Output: 0.28mV
  • Magnet system: AlNiCo5
  • Tracking force: 1.9g.
  • Compliance lateral: 12 um/mN
  • Cartridge weight:  11.2g.
  • Recommended loading: 100 – 1,000 ohms
  • Coils: Pure 999 Gold 0.04 mm
  • Mount: thread  M2.5x0.45, 1/2 inch / 12.7mm standard between the holes 
  • Coil impedance DC: 3 ohms 
  • Recommended tonearm mass: medium