AMG Giro MK II Turntable

Further development of AMG‘s entry-level model with improvements made to all critical performance elements. The Giro MK II‘s superb dynamic performance and spatial depth are significantly refined compared to its well-regarded predecessor.

The platter mass, which has been increased to 5.6 kg, together with the newly developed platter-subplater interface, ensure significantly improved speed stability resulting in a more realistic and engaging musical presentation.

The belt drive system has been optimized, contributing to these sonic improvements. The ultra-quiet Swiss drive motor now runs in a more-ideal speed range, and has been equipped with new damping elements ensuring that it operates almost silently.

In the platter bearing, manufacturing tolerances have been optimised to micrometer-range of accuracy, and the newly added tonearm base can now be fitted with a wider range of tonearms.

In addition to the aesthetic design, the extremely convenient operation via capacitive touch buttons has been retained. Fine adjustment of the speeds 33 and 45 can also be carried out completely without tools.

Standard AMG features such as the decoupled spindle/bearing construction, high-precision manufacturing, and the visible and tangible material and workmanship quality have not been forgotten in this elegant new turntable.


  • DRIVE: Quartz-controlled Belt drive
  • MOTOR: 12 V motor from Swiss production
  • SPEED RPM: 33,3 / 45
  • WEIGHT: 12,8 kg
  • MATERIAL: POM (Polyoxymethylene Polymer
  • DIAMETER: 304 mm
  • WEIGHT: 5,6 kg
  • Hydrodynamic high-precision plain bearing with 16mm disc axle (hardened steel), decoupled
  • CHASSIS MATERIAL: Aircraft aluminium
  • CHASSIS SURFACE: Anodised black
  • OUTPUT: 5-pin