Cape Town High Fidelity Experience 2022

We are delighted to invite you to the first Cape Town High Fidelity Experience. We've planned an exhilarating day of fine music and stimulating conversation. To that end, we have assembled a world-class selection of high fidelity music systems to be enjoyed in a setting that does justice to the quality of reproduction on offer. 

The equipment has been sourced from boutique manufacturers around the globe and is therefore not part of the mainstream trade. As expected, sound quality has been our primary concern, although build quality, industrial design and heritage have also been taken into account. We think you'll agree the brands featured speak for themselves.
The friendly, inviting venue is nestled close to Table Mountain and the three available music rooms form an ideal canvas for the day's entertainment. The carefully curated systems range from those suited to small, intimate settings to ones capable of filling large spaces with enveloping sound. Close attention has been paid to fine tuning the synergy between components.
Come and join us for a day of foot-tapping, head-bopping music, delivered as only true high fidelity systems can. Bring your partners and family to enjoy a day out in the shadow of our iconic mountain. The lockdowns are over, so what better way to celebrate than through music and fellowship?


The Cellars Hohenhort
Hohenhort Conference Building
93 Brommersvlei Rd, Constantia Heights, Cape Town, 7806


15 October 2022
09:00 AM - 5:00 PM


  • Living Voice R25A - Rosso Fiorentino Fiesole - Pylon Audio Jade 20 -  Xavian Orfeo - Proac D2R - Xavian Perla Exclusiva - Proac Tablette 10 Signature - Pylon Audio Diamond Monitor 18 - Pylon Audio Opal Monitor


  • Jadis i35 - Jadis Orchestra Black - Shindo Montille - Accuphase e480 -  Moonriver 404 Reference - Norma Audio SC-2LN/PA150 - Fezz Torus 5060 - Fezz Audio Mira Ceti 300b - Fezz Audio Alfa Lupi - Audio Analogue Puccini Anniversary - Pathos TT Inpol Amp - Pathos Aurium Headphone Amp - Copland CSA 100


  • Holo Audio May KTE - Holo Audio Spring 3 Level 2 - Holo Audio Spring 2 Level 2 - Audio Analogue AA DAC  - Aqua La Voce S3

Sources and Other

  • Dr Feickert Volare Turntable - ifi Zen Blue - Cardas Cables - Solidsteel SS-6  Speaker Stands 


We have three dedicated rooms operating simultaneously. Guests are welcome to stay for as many slots as they wish.  

Please note that the venue permits 20 people per room so your first choice of room might not be available at all times.