Kharma Exquisite Classique

The Kharma Exquisite Classique is the top-of-the-line model in the Exquisite collection and shows Kharma's dedication to detail. 

The cabinet shape is what makes the Classique so special, from the use of materials to construction and finish. The cabinet is built up using vertically layered panels with carefully computed irregularity shaped cut-outs, which minimizes air born resonance (see picture). This minimization of air born resonance inside the cabinet is important, because the cabinet should absolutely have no contribution to the sound field itself. 

The combination of high pressure laminate panels, the irregular shaped cut-ours, sophisticated acoustical damping and the de-coupling substance between panels to prevent structure-born energy travelling from one panel to another guarantees a resonance-dead cabinet. The Exquisite Classique has as result a patented cabinet which doesn’t contribute to the sound field itself. Simply every form and every detail on the Exquisite Classique has a purpose in the mechanism to create an absolute sound.