Kojo Seiko KATANA 25

Kojo Seiko KATANA 25 was designed to create a beautifully forged power supply that resembles the Japanese sword, a uniquely Japanese weapon with sharpness, strength, and toughness. A power supply consisting of a regenerator and a transformer is compared with hard and soft steel and is a hybrid power supply that has been forged and polished. 

Making full use of the original power conversion technology (PWM inverter) and know-how of KOJO TECHNOLOGY, the speed and transparency of the regenerator system, and the sonorous and powerful musical expression, which is the attribute of the transformer, are combined with the characteristics of each other. It has become the most powerful.

It achieves both a large power (2,500VA) that can cover the entire system with a single unit and a power of optimal quality for A&V equipment.


Output configuration

The output of regenerator (1 line) + output of a transformer (2 lines) = hybrid power supply.

・Output 1: Regenerator output (KOJO original PWM inverter) 500VA.
・Output 2: Isolating transformer output 1,000VA
・Output 3: Output of isolation transformer 1,000VA
・Total power: 2,500VA


Output 1: 3P x 4 terminals Output 2: 3P x 4 terminals Output 3: 3P x 4 terminals.

Separate mode ⇔ High power mode

Isolating transformer outputs 2 and 3 can be converted to a single output of 2,000VA by switching to a parallel connection.

Switching the output voltage

Isolating transformer outputs 2 and 3 are switchable between AC97/100/115V.

Sequence ON /OFF

When the power supply of KATANA25 is started, each system output is started in sequence.
(Output 1 → Output 2 → Output 3).
When the power supply is turned off, each output is turned off in sequence.
(Output 3 → Output 2 → Output 1)


Power conditioner (Made by Neutrik) KOJO TECHNOLOGY Original power cable included

DC suppression

Equipped with our Force barH1P (Hum Eraser) function, which suppresses and prevents transformer hum caused by the DC component mixing into the commercial power supply. ON /The same function can also be turned off.

In addition, when a DC component is detected, the "DC SEN.1, 2" indicator on the front panel lights up. The brightness also changes according to the level of the DC component.