LORENZO AUDIO LABS is pleased to announce the launch of a completely new loudspeaker model, the LM2 model is born. The LM2 is our second largest loudspeaker model, designed with the intention of setting new standards in design and sound quality.

LM2 is a powerful three-way design that offers virtually the same sound quality as our flagship model. It is designed to be used in smaller rooms, although given its great potential, it can be used successfully in large spaces as well.

With the same footprint and characteristic craftsmanship design of Lorenzo Audio Labs, the LM2 model will not leave any fan indifferent.


  • A massive cabinet, 62mm wide, manufactured with phenolic laminated wood and elastomer in constrained-layer.
  • Cabinet made with 5-axis CNC machinery.
  • Bass reflex ports hand-turned with very special tonewood.
  • Use of Panzerholz wood pieces, which are designed in-house and used in critical places that greatly improve the sound: Nuts and knobs of the speaker connectors, insulating discs on the feet, and solid pieces that hold the drivers and eliminate the need for metal screws.
  • Cabinets covered with natural wood veneer, rigorously selected for its beauty and durability, and 100% handcrafted by a fourth-generation craftsman whose family has worked since 1888 with traditional techniques that have become legendary.
  • Select drivers using paper cones, alnico magnets, and high quality compression drivers.
  • Hand-welded passive crossover without printed circuits boards.
  • High grade components from Duelund, Jupiter, Mundorf, and Pathaudio used in our crossovers.
  • The internal wiring of our speakers is made with high-purity copper, silver, and gold wire in various sections.
  • Solid steel feet are designed in-house, with a lower piece from Panzerholz to remove vibrations that come from the floor.
  • Other wood finishes are possible on request.


  • 3-way-system with phase-optimized crossover.
  • Drivers: Woofer 16 inches, Mid / Mid-High 2 inches compression drive unit, Tweeter / Supertweeter.
  • Sensitivity: 95 dB.
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohm.
  • Enclosure Type Woofer: Double rear vented.
  • Enclosure Type Mid / Mid-High: Sealed.
  • Enclosure Type Tweeter / Supertweeter: Sealed.
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz to 35 kHz.
  • Recommended amplifier: 20 to 500 Watts.
  • Dimensions: Height 55,12 inches (140 cm), Width 21,85 inches (55,5 cm), Depth 24,61 inches (62,5 cm).
  • Net Weight: 308 lbs (140 kg) each.