New Miyajima Labs Prominent Open Baffle Field Coil speakers

The new Miyajima Labs Prominent Open Baffle Field Coil loudspeakers will be unveiled along with the Miyajima Labs MC -2 Tube Head Amp at CAF 2022 by Robyatt Audio

Miyajima Labs Prominent is designed to offer amplifier-friendly loudspeakers that can be efficiently driven by low-power amplifiers. 

Miyajima-lab has been testing and selling tube phono preamps for 20 years. This year, the redesigned MC head amplifiers are introduced and developed into MC -1 and MC -2 models. 

Noriyuki Miyajima carefully selected tubes with excellent SN ratio and redesigned the circuits. By doing so, Miyajima Labs was able to bring the SN ratio to a highly satisfactory level. He is introducing the MC-2 to replace the SUT. 

More info to follow...

World premiere at CAF. 
Hilton DC /Rockville 
November 11-13 
Room #519