New Western Electric 777 rAMT Midrange Driver

Western Electric new midrange driver for loudspeakers. The 777 rAMT Midrange Driver is the first of its kind, elevating the popular Air Motion Transformer (AMT) to perform as a true wide-range driver. 

In the late 1960s, Dr. Oskar Heil developed a radically new AMT loudspeaker driver technology still widely-used to this day—but only in tweeter form. The 777 is the first mid-range driver to apply the technology successfully. Utilizing a curved diaphragm shape, it incorporates many benefits and features that make it uniquely suited for high-performance situations that demand power, reliability, and quality. This newly-patented technology is known as the Radial Air Motion Transformer (rAMT). 

Behind its rugged, stackable design is a unique magnet and diaphragm assembly that results in a moving surface area nearly twice as large as conventional 10” drivers. The 777 achieves high output, high efficiency, and low distortion at high power levels. Across a range of listening environments, its proprietary design allows for the complete absence of cone-breakup and superb off-axis behavior at all frequencies. The type 777 will be available in 2022.

Preliminary specifications

  • Frequency Response - 150 Hz to 2 KHz
  • Efficiency - Over 100 db/watt
  • Impedance - 6 ohms nominal
  • Horizontal Directivity - 100% Uniform at all frequencies +/- 90 degrees