The Ambitious Tweeter By Ambitious Audio Design

Ambitious Audio Design writes: "Striving for better and more natural performance we started “the dream tweeter project” in 2015. The development went well and now we are proud to present the first Ambitious Tweeter." 

Searching for the best tweeter for the A-Series we have tested a lot of tweeters. For the A-Series we cannot accept too many compromises. At the same time we had some ideas on how to improve high frequency performance. We simply wanted to find out how to eliminate some of the weaknesses in conventional tweeters.

A few highlights:
  • Unlike a dome tweeter, we do not use a traditional voice coil and we do not use any suspension.
  • We use a small ultralight membrane for best dispersion and impulse handling.
  • The voice coil is an integrated part of the membrane. Distortion is very low because there are no breakups in the membrane.
  • We do not use any transformer or electronics in the signal path.
  • The Ambitious Tweeter has a smooth frequency curve from 2,000-50,000 Hz 
The Ambitious Tweeter is manufactured in Denmark by Ambitious Audio Design.