The Audio Heaven!

Frank Prowse Hi-Fi writes: "One of the finest systems in Australia! We were absolutely over the moon to be tasked by our client to design a premium, high-end vinyl-only system that needed to be "high performance" but also "invisible". The room is a small private whiskey bar (akin to a Jazz Kissa)." 

"The turntable was to be star of this room (along with a selection of some of the finest whiskeys on the planet). The system comprises the exceptional Bergmann Galder turntable and Odin tonearm, both in their 24K Gold-exclusive liveries. The wonderful Air Tight PC-1 Supreme cartridge rounds out the visible "bling", while hidden out of sight is the Phasemation EA550 phono stage and in-wall flagship Meridian DSP750 active speakers (EQ duties thanks to the Meridian 218 controller). All cabling and power covered by various Nordost solutions."