TIDAL Audio Intra Stereo Power Amplifier

Interesting observation about the TIDAL Audio Intra power amplifier from Lotus Hifi: "The Tidal Intra stereo power amplifier tells us that there are ways of doing things and then there are ways of doing things. Born from the no limits ‘Tidal for Bugatti’ project it’s a product that rewrote its own rules." 

"The Class D Intra comprehensively smashes the outgoing Class AB Tidal Impulse at the same retail price. And the Impulse we still today would happily put against any stereo power up to around £50,000. It also happens to be a third of the weight and a third of the size.

More transparent, more pure, more liquid, more organic and wider bandwidth too. There is no need for valves, no need for added warmth or lustre, no need for 300b’s, no need for dual 50kg chassis. Tidal purity is all you need. Seen here with Tara Labs Muse cabling."