Audiophile FAST Speakers

Audiophile FAST is a family of loudspeakers characterized by extremely high fidelity and naturalness. The audiophile FAST technology was developed primarily for reproduction in living rooms, and especially for classical and jazz listeners and friends of high-quality studio recordings.

Audiophile music enjoyment is influenced by many factors. When playing music, timbre, impulse response and spatiality are of particular importance. audiophile FAST optimizes all three factors and is therefore aimed at discerning listeners who consciously enjoy music.

The challenge is to reproduce a musical performance that is characterized by the musicians and their interplay, the instruments or voices, their interaction, and the interaction with the performance space. And that is exactly what audiophile FAST excels at.

Optimized for

- all high-quality classical and jazz recordings
- high-quality studio recordings
- playback of digital signals of 16bit/48kHz and 24bit/96kHz
- analog playback of vinyl records