Triode Lab 2A3GT-C Tube Amplifier

Triode Lab 2A3GT-C tube amplifier in eye-catching BMW Sunset Orange automotive color finish. 

  • Mode : Push Pull Triode
  • Tube Use : CV181 (6SN7) Quad x 2A3 Quad , 274B / 5T4 / GZ32 Pair
  • Operation : Class A Auto-bias
  • Power : 15W+15W (Max)
  • Transformers : HASHIMOTO of Japan (Sansui) 
  • Parts : Mundorf Supreme Silver in Oil / Finale Pink-Lingu (Rose Gold Plated) RCA / Furutech Gold or RhodiumIEC AC Inlet/ Furutech or Audio Note Grade Speaker Binding Posts …etc. 
  • Finish : Please visit our colour page! 
  • MSRP : $16,000 USD / Pair

Ask about the long-tail version 2A3GT-FFX EVO, with complete top tier Hashimoto flagship transformers and automotive paint.