DAD Se A Stream Preamplifier

Danish Audio Design International DAD Se A Stream preamplifier comes in two versions with either 2,200,000 µF or 250,000,000µF. 

"2,200,000 µF & 250,000,000µF - the zeros are correct! We do not just use the well-known high-end versions of parts. Our research has shown that parts made for space and industrial applications actually handle sound better than conventional parts. And the best part - it does not cost more!

Some parts are used in laboratory equipment. Such parts must not make any noise and must be extremely fast - sounds like it was made for our products and your ears - right?
  • Model/Product No.: SE PRE A STREAM
  • Power consumption: Very low. In standby mode 0.5 W.
  • Weight: 26 kg