Introducing Roon 2.0 and Roon ARC

We’ve created a brand new app – Roon ARC – which changes the way you use Roon forever. Whether you’re working out at the gym, heading to the office, or traveling thousands of miles from home – Roon ARC gives you mobile access to your full library of artists, albums, playlist, and tags. No more settling for second-best from streaming apps when you’re on the go. Roon ARC makes everywhere feel like home.

Along with additional enhancements, like native support for Apple Silicon, Roon 2.0 brings an amazing music experience to more people, on more platforms.

Your Roon library made portable

Roon ARC gives you remote access to your complete, personalized library of artists, albums, playlists, and tags – supported by rich, in-depth metadata that inspires you to discover more about the music you love.

One interface - all your music

Roon ARC’s straightforward, mobile first design makes it easy to browse your entire library on the move. There’s no need for any awkward back-and-forth switching between streaming apps, either – Roon ARC integrates your streams from TIDAL and Qobuz and makes them accessible via one app, just like at home.

Your app, your control

Using the same Roon audio engine, Roon ARC gets the best possible sound quality from your audio gear on the go. Roon ARC gives you granular control of audio formats, and signal path will show how your audio flows through your audio device, from source media all the way to your headphones – just like in Roon.

The same, beautifully simple Roon interface

Roon ARC’s stunning, intuitive design is supported by Roon’s rich and detailed metadata – so you can continue your immersive journeys of musical discovery, wherever you are.

You can expand your library on the move with familiar features like Roon Radio, New Releases For You, and Daily Mixes, and build playlists featuring your favorite finds.