LampizatOr Private Listening Room

Lukasz Fikus aka LampizatOr private listening room in Warsaw, Poland. Fikus writes: "Today, after 3 months of preparations, I launched my private sound room in the new house."  

"The speakers: destination Audio 3-way horns, with two 15-inch alnico bass drivers in folded horns per side, JBL mid horn 2446H, JBL tweeter horns 2405H, custom-built Lampizator external XO, two Lampizator 12-inch DSP woofers, 250W per side, 845 triodes KRON based monoblocks, Pacific SE DAC, Gulfstream server, Roksan transport, two silk AC conditioners, Sikora Max Standard TT with 12 inch Sikora kevlar arm, Audio Technica Art1000 cartridge, home built silver cables, Lampizator MC2 phono stage.

The room is 6 x 7 meters, with a cathedral ceiling of 5 m in the middle, and two side walls are made of open hole bricks with 10 cm acoustic rockwool inside the wall cavities. No other treatments. The sound-absorbing walls are PURE MAGIC. Not dead but without echo or standing waves. The back wall will get natural treatment from my 2000 cd collection and 1000 LPs. The floor (wooden) has 1-inch gym foam rubber mats for weightlifting and wall-to-wall carpet with decorative carpet on top. Everything except the bricks is painted structural charcoal black to eliminate visual distractions and the window has a lightproof electric roller-shutter."