New B-audio B.amp Amplifiers

Specialist of high end audio electronics, the French manufacturer introduces its new reference mono power amplifier. The B.amp mono features all the technological innovations that have proved their worth on the B.amp stereo, in an exclusively symmetrical monophonic declination. 

The B.amp mono is a class AB power amplifier that delivers 500W under 4 ohm and 300W under 8 ohm. It is based on a special circuitry which reduces the crossover distortion below the measurement threshold. This makes it possible to enjoy the same sound quality at every volume level, while keeping a reasonable level of heat dissipation and power consumption.

The B.amp mono is available for sale immediately.


The operating scheme is the result of numerous computational simulations, followed by intensive listening tests. In particular, the Intelligent Output Drive (IOD) technology - which optimizes the use of local feedback at the most critical stages - allows perfectly linear operation under all working conditions.
To ensure perfect immunity towards loudspeakers-generated return currents, a specific design has been developed, which uses a class-A push-pull driver stage fitted with 6 high performance transistors. This results in excellent accuracy in sound reproduction, while the over-sized output transistors provide a large power reserve.