New CS Port TAT2M2 Turntable

New CS Port TAT2M2 turntable with a compact design adopts the concept of the flagship line. The weight of the base platter and the air film of the air-bearing platter suppress unwanted vibrations and provide a high degree of smoothness.

TAT2M2 turntable

Following the chassis design of the previous model "granite base", "air float" and "servoless", the platter material has been changed from stainless steel to brass. 

This change means that even open-circuit magnetic pickups (*) using air coils are not affected by stray magnetic flux, resulting in quiet and expressive sounds.

(*) The magnetic circuit is an open magnetic circuit, and even non-magnetic stainless steel is magnetized by a strong neodymium magnet to ensure the output, which affects the recording of audio signals.

The weight of 19 kg and the vibration damping properties of granite suppress unwanted vibrations. In addition, the 18 kg brass platter is supported by air, the weight of the platter is supported by air pressure, and a structure that does not cause unnecessary vibration is realized by supporting only a few hundred grams of force by bearings.

Since the motor control (servo control) is a noise source it does not control the rotation but relies on the high inertia of the platter to rotate. In addition, it adopts a filament drive method that does not transmit motor vibration, and the platter is reliably driven by a Kevlar filament that is stronger than iron.

[XFD system]

Based on a crystal oscillator with high-frequency accuracy, we have developed a unique system that supplies the motor with a stable, high-precision voltage.

Expandability with 2-arms configuration

An attachment that fits the specified tonearm is included. You can use the AFU1-2 linear arm (sold separately) or your existing swing arm. In addition, the system can be used in a 2-arm configuration by adding attachments.

*Up to 3 arms can be installed, additional attachments are available at a cost 

Low noise air supply with double sealed structure (sold separately).

The air supply is equipped with a highly reliable pump, is also used in medical equipment, and provides the capacity required by the platter. A sound leakage and vibration prevention system with a double-sealed structure provides sufficient noise reduction even when placed in a listening room.


  • Material [Base] JIS0 granite
  • [plinth] 19kg
  • [platter] 18kg
  • Crystal follower motor drive without feedback XFD
  • Rotation transmission method Filament drive (aramid fiber)
  • Drive motor DC coreless low noise motor
  • Revolutions per minute 33⅓, 45rpm
  • Speed accuracy ±0.3%
  • Wow/flutter 0.2%/0.04% or less
  • Power AC100/120/200/240V, 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption 40W
  • Size 440Wx128Hx320Dmm Accessories
  • AC power cable (rhodium plated), 2 power trains, air hose Φ6 1 arm attachment (machined according to the arm you specify), spirit level.
  • player board LPB2, air supply POU2, linear arm AFU1-2
  • Warranty period 5 years (without consumables)*1