New Hifirose RS520 Streamer

New Hifirose streamer is upcoming, RS520! RS520 is a All-In-One network streamer. It's not just a general All-In-One streamer, it has ES9038PRO DAC chip used in RS150B and GaN based amplifier used in RA180.

Unchangeable Value

The design of the RS520 focused on values that did not changeover time. A refined design that will not change over time and a bold ventilation hole for heat dissipation represent a gentleman with both functionality and enterprising appearance.


The housing of RS520, which is made with generous use of high-durability 6000 class aluminum material, ismanufactured by an all-in-one process in which four sides are produced as one part.

The all-in-one manufacturing process is the most idealmethod to fundamentally block vibrations that may occurbetween separated parts, significantly reducing noise waves that can affect sound quality.