New Stromtank 2500 Quantum MKII

The next generation Stromtank S2500 Quantum MKII adds upgraded battery management circuitry, latest generation lithium ion batteries, as well as digital distortion suppression technology to all outlets. 

Stromtank  is not a traditional conditioner or a simple filter, Stromtanks create their own perfect AC waveform and when in green operating mode, are completely disconnected from the AC grid. 

For years, there have been many devices that use a variety of techniques to address AC power anomalies. The Stromtank models take this a step further and instead of simply adding a filter to the AC power signal, a Stromtank creates its own AC power! A Stromtank is completely independent from the traditional, fluctuating domestic power grid, by developing its own, independent power plant to supply your audio components.

Stromtank offers unique opportunity to provide audio system with stable energy, completely disconnected from the electrical grid. This complete network separation works for hours and is electrically disconnected from the AC main circuits isolating the system from any AC surges, sags, noise, or radiations.

What’s inside

The heart of all the Stromtank units is the innovative battery technology known as lithium iron phosphate (LFP). Stromtank uses a special type of LFP battery that offers maximum power delivery, extended battery life, voltage stability, and intrinsic safety. The lifetime of Stromtank batteries is ensured by a battery management system that was specially developed in conjunction with the Fraunhofer Institute in Nuremberg, Germany – experts in efficient battery management technologies.

Each individual cell provides feedback to the active battery management system. This intelligent system has three major functions:

• Active balancing of all cells in the array to maximize efficiency of discharging and charging cycles.

• Inspection of temperature, voltage, current load and state-of-charge of each single cell

• By monitoring and managing the battery array, the system is completely maintenance free  

Digital Distortion Suppression 

  • Eliminating digital and backwards interference from other audio components.

12V Trigger

  • 12V trigger and network control make Stromtank models easy to integrate into any installation appliication.