New Supravox NOVA Signature Speakers

Pitch Perfect Audio writes: "We are excited to premier the new ($5795 usd) Supravox NOVA Signature Loudspeaker from France! Supravox’s new compact floor standing loudspeaker, designed by Yves Cochet, is designed to work with a wide range of electronics, including lower powered amplifiers. Sound is very well balanced, with a lively and dynamic presentation." 

"Natural musical tone & texture with a holographic presence are this speakers forte. We’ve been enjoying the speakers here at pitch perfect audio, with a wide range of our electronics to great results!

This two way design is integrated within Supravox’s own lightweight tuned cabinet, which allows the music to flow effortlessly. The NOVA Signature speaker utilizes a hand made (by Supravox) 16cm paper driver. It’s 94db with an easy impedance curve. Grills with magnetic interface protect drivers when not in use."